The Trans-Siberian Railroad: Links and Information
Route of the Trans-Siberian Railroad

The Trans-Siberian Railroad: Links & Background Info

Here are some information resources on the railroad, its history, and what it's like to travel on it today:

Adele Gronbach writes about her June 2000 trip in International Travel News online. [ITN doesn't seem to have a search capability, but Findarticles found this piece on their site.]

Keith West's trip report (1994) and information center on the TSRR:

Lowell Reithmuller's trip report (1992):

A page with links to modern pictures, and more information:

A page with information on booking trips on the TSRR today:

These are just the start; try a good search engine.

Links & Info page created 12 August 2001; most recent update 6 June 2011.



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