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Outside Links

Here are some links to external sites you may like. No guarantees; use your own judgment.

Non-Commercial Sites

Our article on Christmas at the 101 Ranch was found by Clark Gray, who told us about his great-uncle Bee Ho Gray, one of the famous performers there. For more on the 101 Ranch, try the Links page on the Bee Ho Gray website.

OK, everybody knows about The National Geographic Society.

If you're a Brit, you know about The Royal Geographical Society.

The Explorer's Club.

Our affiliated website with pages on Burton Holmes, extraordinary traveler and inventor of the Travelogue.

The history of Russia, complete with scans of photographs from the St. Petersburg section of the same volume of Burton Holmes' Lectures that we used for the Trans-Siberian trip, at AlexanderPalace.org. A great site with a huge amount of interesting material.

We're presenting difficult-to-find articles on travel in history, published in old magazines and books. The Making of America projects are a thousand times as big as we'll ever be. The MoA sites at UMich and Cornell contain the digitized contents of thousands of volumes of books and magazines. You can search by topic for, e.g., “Trans-Siberian”. They don't specialize in any subject—they display the entire contents of each issue—but there's lots and lots to read in the travel history field.

Indiana University has put online 14,500 photographic slides taken in the US and other countries 1938-1969 by Charles W. Cushman. He took pictures everywhere. You can browse, or do a keyword search. A search for “railroad” turned up 399 hits, all interesting and many spectacular. Background information on the slides and the photographer, nicely done. Thanks to IU for this!

Sergiy Zelenko, head of the Centre for Underwater Archaeology at the University of Kiev in the Ukraine wrote to tell us about their research into ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea near the Crimea. This region was colonized by the Greeks in ancient times, and some information about travel there has survived the centuries. Little actual detail has come down to us, however, and we are learning much about ancient travel patterns and the economics of the eras from underwater archaeology of shipwrecks. He's looking for partners for a joint documentary film on their findings and explorations; sounds like a natural for The Discovery Channel. There was a piece in ARCHAEOLOGY magazine in 2000, and a 1997 writeup on the website of the Nautical Archaeology Department at Texas A&M University. Zelenko has written about his projects here, here, and here.


Commercial Sites

We've exchanged links with Dinko Petkov regarding the accomodation listings for travelers to Poland that his company runs: Warsaw hotels, Warsaw Apartments, Accommodation Warsaw Poland; Apartments, hotels in Warsaw, Great choice of hotels and apartments. They also handle accomodations for many other cities in both Eastern and Western Europe, linked from this site. Check them out!

Boondocksnet.com has an astonishing variety of historical materials, including lots and lots on travel and places. It's listed as a commercial site because of the importuning ads that come up all the time; but there is plenty to see, and you don't actually have to buy anything.

Lonely Planet has plenty of guide information, including historical background, on-site at no charge.

Television, friend of Humanity:
     The Travel Channel
     The History Channel
     The Discovery Channel
     The National Geographic Channel

Odgerel of GOBI EXPEDITIONS MONGOLIA wrote and asked us to put up a link to their site. You should definitely take a look—it's full of information and pictures about Mongolia and their company, and it looks like they know their area.

Official Mongolian tourism site, too. Sponsored by the Government. And Mongolia Today.

Most recent update: 27 January 2006.



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> Christmas at the
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   Car, 1908

> Vladivostok,

> H. Rider Haggard on
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> Algiers, 1892
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