Historic Travel Ads

The history of travel is mirrored in travel advertisements. Here are some samples that will make you dream of places you've never been.

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Advertisements tell you where to find the boat, or how to get to California.

Ship OldDominionLine NYC-Washington 1908
RR Southern Pacific Sunset Limited 1896

They alert you to new services or new ways to do business.

Airline American Airlines Ad 1932
Airline Northwest Airlines Ad 1945

Advertisements make you dream of travel to exotic places. Buy this ticket now!

Promo Japan Full Color Page 1931
Ship American Mail Line Java Full Color Page 1929

OK, so that's a bit pricey; how about going to some place a bit closer to home.

RR USRA Summer In California This Winter 1919
RR Northern Pacific Geysers And Trout Yellowstone 1901

Stay in an downtown hotel, or an elegant resort.

Hotel Clift San Francisco 1929
Hotel Resort Hot Springs Virginia 1929

Go to Rome, or go all the way around the world

Airline Pan American Airways Ad 1950 Rome
Ship Dollar Lines Around The World 1933

Go on a nice calming vacation. Don't forget your luggage!

Camp Lake Placid New York 1904
Luggage Oshkosh Trunks Ad 1929

Collections of Travel Ads, by Category

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To dream is to travel; to travel is to dream. Remember to dream a little.

Most recent update: 6 June 2011.



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